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Protect My Image


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Danielle Lewis is a 24 year old VP in charge of her family’s commercial real estate company. Falling in love for Danielle has never been an easy task, especially when her parents are always concerned that she doesn’t do anything to tarnish their image. After meeting Lucas, Danielle is apprehensive that her parents will accept him. However, Lucas portrays himself to be the perfect candidate to uphold Danielle’s family name and her parent’s welcome him with open arms. After someone close to her betrays her trust and causes a few skeletons to fall from her parent’s closet, Danielle’s life begins a downward spiral. Blinded by love, she is spun into a web of lies, drugs and deceit. After almost losing everything that she has worked so hard to build, she finds herself at a crossroad. Will she own up to all of the dysfunctions in her life and be able to find true love or continue the charade to protect her family’s image?