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My Sister's Deceit


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Being uprooted from the only way of life she’s known, Yoki Carson is forced to move to Atlanta and stay with a man she’s never really known as her father. With the lack of parental supervision, Yoki tries to set the best example possible for her 16 year old sister Nova. After slowly developing a relationship with their father, Yoki’s life hits rock bottom again when someone close to Yoki is killed, she starts to wonder if her ex Corey is the mastermind behind the plot to make her life a living hell. After losing their mother and moving to a new city, Nova Carson is struggling hard to adjust and please her older sister. After a night of bad choices, Nova is forced to hide the biggest secret of her life. She knows that if she comes clean her life as well as everyone around her may be in danger and that’s not an option Nova is willing to take. Will Yoki and Nova pull together and become their sister’s keeper, or will the secrets, lies, and murders expose their deadly deceit.